The Ozymandias Saga

CA Jarrett’s premiere published world, The Ozymandias Saga is urban fantasy with a healthy sprinkling of science fiction.

In the year 2019 the veil between the natural and the supernatural was ripped away in an event known as the Meta-Collision. The prevalent theory is the membrane between the two dimensions, thin at best, was rent asunder, allowing all manner of creatures only thought to be fiction are now firmly entrenched in our world.

No one has ever deduced the reason behind the Meta-Collision, or what events led up to it.

Needless to say, it was not a seamless transition. While some of the beings were benign or neutral, many saw man only as prey, like vampires, eleko, and the yacu-mama. Even some who didn’t were so alien in their culture that they did harm unintentionally, like the Unseelie Courts and the Am Fear Liath Mòr. Among humans, attitudes ranged from curious to viciously hateful, and the casualties were not limited to the new arrivals. The clash between those from beyond and humankind was beyond violent. Wars, both planet-wide and taking place in the darkest back alleys, lasted for decades.

But, just like the days when they only had pitchforks and torches, mankind held their ground through sheer numbers, organization, and force of will. This did not, however, lead to a unified lasting peace among humans nor did it neatly resolve all the issues with the newcomers, dubbed “anormals”. A sort of peace was cobbled out, once the anormals realized that they could not simply use the fact they could operate out in the open to enslave all of humanity. The politicians and diplomats stepped in, and a cohabitation of sorts was achieved. While tensions would occasionally erupt, overall the situation stabilized. Magic and science began melding together, leading to a new age of technology never before imagined. Psychics and magic users, long since banished to the shadows, were able to step forward freely and be not just recognized, but openly use their powers. Some did for the betterment of all, and some used their gifts only for themselves. Such is the turbulent nature of man.

All was far from halcyon. By adopting all the anormals from across the veil, humanity also was openly exposed to the clandestine wars, the epic world-shattering events that were only dealt with in secrecy. After all, who would believe the two men claiming that the CEO of a large and established global corporation was using mind control in all of their edible products? Or three sisters insisting they were witches and the only ones able to stop the oncoming demonic invasion? Or a young boy claiming to be the son of a god?

In Atlanta, Georgia, 2047, when Catalyst takes place, one of those apocalyptic events is revealed, along with who and what is needed to stop it. This time, the Catalyst and their vampiric partner are not alone, but have the combined might of the world’s governments behind them.

Or do they?

Fighting not only unimaginable evil, but bureaucratic red tape and political infighting of man and monster, Sasha Worthington and Vechi Darikosu Ozymandias must still figure out how to save this world and everyone in it!

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From the Desk of Sasha Worthington

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