Absolution’s Prey

The second of CA Jarrett’s planned worlds, Absolution’s Prey is the first of three planned novellas spanning centuries following Varya Nadeanenko, a minion of Heaven given human form and set to guard a Ukranian priest from the demonic entities that want him. 

The first novella is completed and undergoing edits.

Taking place in a small village in Ukraine, 993 A.D. Father Ilya Gavril is discovered to be the ancestral key to a lineage that would reshape history, be it turned to serve man or to serve evil. Unable to directly intervene, Heaven pulls one of the Host, nameless, shapeless beings who exist in benign limbo until needed, and gives it human form. That being becomes Varya Nadeanenko, a seemingly young maid and set to serve the priest as his assistant. Unorthodox for the Orthodoxy, to be sure, but she encounters no problems infiltrating and living with him.

Her exposure to humans, and her first time in a human body, she is beset with emotions she has never experienced before, and is entirely unequipped to cope with them. The Father, as well, soon finds himself in a crisis of faith. And all the while, the demons cavort in the background, stirring the waters, waiting for their chance to strike.

The harsh Ukraine winter is no match for the heat of their desires and despite their desperate efforts, it culminates in a moment of weakness orchestrated by the manipulations of the demons with shattering results. 

Absolution’s Prey – Publishing date TBA

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