From the files of BANI Agent Sasha Worthington 2019-2047:

2019 Conclusive, scientific evidence of the previously referred to as “supernatural” and “paranormal” is introduced. A tear in space-time collided with the material dimension of humanity with the immaterial where anormals either dwelt or originated from. The tear could not be mended. Anormals flooded the Earth. The understanding that vampires, werewolves, and various other “monsters” had been grotesquely misunderstood through fiction was introduced, along with the undeniable proof that they did in fact exist to the public at large. Research into their true natures was begun, along with grass roots educational programs. The day was termed the “Metaphysical Collision Singularity”. It became popularly known as the MetaColl, or The Call.


2021 The International Anormal Accords (IAA) are signed by a majority of the United Nations, with the understanding that most anormals are not a threat to humanity. In the United States, the job of handling anormals wishing to mainstream into society is given to the already overtaxed Department of Immigration.


2023 The beleaguered Department of Immigration is unable to handle the enormous burden and mistakes are made. Sometimes fatal ones as poorly screened anormals are allowed into society and humans die as a result. The treatment of anormals by law enforcement becomes draconic. Vigilante justice grows.


2028 The anormals violently opposed to the lawful registration decreed by the IAA band together and rebel. War is declared against humanity and the anormals who simply want to coexist. Humanity and the friendly anormals create a loose Alliance, and launch the Purjare Incentive, an attempt to suppress and destroy the aggressive, subversive elements of opposing anormals. The Purjare Incentive lasts four years.


2032 End of Purjare Incentive. BANI, the Bureau of Anormal Normalization and Integration is formed in the United States. Screening of anormals is stricter, their rights and privileges upon full registration are greater, on par with a full citizen less the right to vote unless they are formerly human and citizens of the United States.


 2039 The human supremacist militia Humanity First launches massive terrorist strike in Atlanta, Georgia. For nearly a month the terrorists hold the Audubon Dekalb Anormal Compound, slaughtering the majority of the inhabitants and holding the rest hostage. HF demands the disbanding of BANI, and the rounding up and execution or deportation of all anormals.

Five local police officers disobey orders and enter the perimeter of the compound. They rescue a total of 47 anormals out of a resident population of 300 before an explosion kills four out of the five individuals.

The HF demands are not met. A protracted siege results. Starving and dehydrated, the remaining terrorists surrender, but not before they complete the wholesale slaughter of the hostage anormals. The terrorists are tried and executed a year later.

Public outrage over the handling of what became known as Audubon spreads throughout the world. The sole survivor of the five police officers who went against orders and intervened is nicknamed “Rambo” in the press, and lauded as a hero. The identity of the survivor is requested, and denied. New laws for anormal protection are passed, and Homeland Security turns an entire department over to rooting out more similarly minded militia groups.


2040 The BANI Atlanta branch moves its headquarters to the Queen Building in Sandy Springs, Georgia.


2047 The BANI of the United States is considered one of the premier anormal organizations in the world. Integration education programs are started at the earliest levels of public schools, and hate crimes against anormals are severely punished.

Not only is BANI renowned for its success rate in anormal acceptance, it is equally impressive in its enforcement of anormal laws, tracking down and capturing rather than killing anormals suspected of breaking those laws. However, in cases where the death of an anormal is sanctioned, BANI excels at the tactics needed on a case by case basis.