Ahote (ah-HO-teh) First name of Ahote Kayani, one of the Wardens of the Los Alamos Anormal Detention Facility, or Tank.
Animis (AN-ih-mis) Anormals with permanent, physical animal traits, not lycanthropic in nature.
Anormal (ey-NOR-mahl) Blanket term for sentient individuals classified as not human.
Audubon (AW-doh-bon) The colloquial name ascribed to the terrorist attack on the Audubon Forest Anormal Compound in Atlanta, Georgia by the human supremacist group Humanity First. Lasting for a month, over 200 anormals were murdered, 47 rescued by a vigilante team. This event was directly responsible for the drastic improvement of BANI protocols and laws regarding anormals.
BANI (BAH-nee)

See also:  Bureau of Anormal Normalization and Integration

Acronym for Bureau of Anormal Normalization and Integration, the United States department of the government concerned with anormal affairs.
Bureau of Anormal Normalization and Integration

See also:  BANI

The United States department of the government concerned with anormal affairs.
Carlilla (kar-LIL-ah) First name of Carlilla Dutroux, granted to her by her sire, Darikosu Ozymandias Vechi. Member of House Idonismos.
Cassandra First name of Cassandra Shallot, granted to her by her sire, identity unknown. Sire of Darikosu Ozymandias.
Chike (chee-keh) First name of Chike Leeu, the sole known African Vechi, and possibly the single African “vampire”, granted to him by his sire, identity unknown.
Communion Gathering of Conclaves, an international summit meeting for vampires.
Conclave Collective name for all Houses and Great Houses in a particular region, determined by geography. There are the North American, South American, European, Asian, Russian, Australian, and Egyptian Conclaves. Africa has never had a Conclave. The Russian Conclave spans the area encompassed by the former Soviet Union.
Darikosu (dair-ih-KOH-soo) First name of Darikosu Ozymandias, granted to him by his sire, Cassandra Shallot Marea.
Dominar (DOM-in-ar) First name of vampire Dominar Gladius, granted to him by his sire, unknown.
Ghoul (gool) Result of a failed Turning. Instead of becoming a vampire, the individual becomes another type of undead, requiring human flesh, living or dead, to survive. Capable of speech and menial functions, their bodies continue to decompose, eventually mummifying. Higher intellectual capability is lost. Ghouls can be deliberately created by vampires, but as a rule are not.
Gladius (gley-dee-uhs) Surname of vampire Dominar Gladius. Gladius is a House Pathos name, and is an ancient Roman short sword.
Gothvamp Subculture of humanity, generally ages 18–30, who model their lives after their belief in how vampires behave. Gothvamps tend to find a single vampiric patron, and in return for blood and servitude, receive that vampire’s favor. Many vampires use gothvamps for entertainment, catering to the subculture with restaurants, nightclubs, and other venues.
Great House House with over 100 members, holding high influence within the vampiric political circles and with the more powerful members.
Hataalii (hah-tah-AHL-ee) Modernized word from Navajo, meaning a holy or magical person. Individual capable of healing and restoring natural balance through communication with the spirits. Replaced the erroneous terms “medicine man” and “shaman” circa 2016. Also called Singers, Code Talkers.
Haxxer (HAK-ser) Someone skilled in the use of computer languages and hex magic who illegally breaks into sealed computer systems or creates viruses and does other disruptive work. A hacker who uses hex magic.
House Banding of vampires who hold similar interests into an official unit. Vampires indicate which House they belong to by choosing a name that falls within the House’s theme. Generally no more than 100 members.

See also:  International Anormal Accords

Treaty ratified by the United Nations describing the fair treatment of anormals on an international level.
International Anormal Accords

See also:  IAA

Treaty ratified by the United Nations describing the fair treatment of anormals on an international level.
Jish’cha (JISH-chah) Navajo term for Catalyst. Roughly translated, it is Navajo for “Walks Among Devils”. Alternate translation:  cemetery.
Kalan (KAY-lahn) Ozymandias Vechi’s nemesis during the Purjare, a human who had made a demonic pact in order to exact revenge for the death of his elven wife at the hands of other humans. Captured and held in a supermax Tank until the acquisition of his contract by Abbadona and his subsequent escape. Current whereabouts are unknown.
Kayani (kai-YAHN-ee) Surname of Ahote Kayani, one of the Wardens of the Los Alamos Anormal Detention facility, or Tank.
Leeu (leh-yu) Surname of Chike Leeu, sole known African Vechi. The significance of the name is unknown, as he belongs to no House or Conclave.
Marea (mah-RAY-ah)

See also:  Marea Vechi

A vampire older than one thousand years. Title traditionally used after the surname of a vampire.
MetaColl (MET-uh-kawl)

Also:  MetaCollision, The Call

The event when a supernatural dimension collided and merged with the natural, revealing the so-called paranormal or mystical to be real. The full name given: Metaphysical Collision Singularity.
Navvie (NAV-ee) Slang for New Vampire. Created accidentally by BANI, who would use the initials N.V. for New Vampire. N.V. became navvie in conversation.
OBI (oh-bee-eye, O-B-I) On Board Integrator. Standard neural interfacing computer capable of making and receiving communications (phone calls, emails, etc), internet usage, and data storage and retrieval. Uses wireless signals to connect. Implanted directly into the brain. A variety of adapter jacks available for physical media, generally located at the base of the skull.
Ozymandias (AHZ-ee-man-dee-ahs) Surname of vampire Darikosu Ozymandias. Ozymandias is a House Hubris name taken from the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, titled “Ozymandias”.
Purjare, The (pur-JAR-eh)

Also:  The Purjare Incentive

The four year war between anormals fighting against what they saw as oppressive treatment by human society. Those who fought against the government call it The Second Revolution. The mishandling of this situation is directly responsible for the creation of BANI, removing anormal registration from the Department of Immigration.
Rambo The name given to the sole survivor of the five man vigilante team, made up of Atlanta police officers, who attempted to intervene during the terrorist attack known as Audubon. The identity of Rambo being Sasha Worthington has never been publicly released.
Shallot (shal-OTT) Surname of vampire Cassandra Shallot. Shallot is a House Hubris name taken from the poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson, titled “The Lady of Shallot”.
Singur (seeng-yur) An older vampire with no House. Unaffiliated vampires are considered taboo by the majority of the vampire nation. Most singurs have been exiled for crimes that do not warrant execution. Often, exiled singurs find ways to unmake themselves.
Sitrep Situation Report.
Tank Slang for the various Anormal Detention Facilities set up throughout the United States by BANI for dangerous anormal therapy or incarceration.
Turning, The The act of changing someone into a vampire by a vampire through the oral exchange of blood.
Unmake Vampiric term for permanent death. As they are already “dead”, and due to their sense of precision, they prefer terms like unmake or destroy over terms like kill or die.
Vechi (VEH-chee) A vampire older than five hundred years but younger than one thousand. Title traditionally used after the surname of a vampire.
Ya’at’eeh (YAH-ah-teh or YAH-ah-teh-eh) Traditional Navajo greeting.