About CA Jarrett

CA Jarrett is a long-time writer and is owned by many animals. She and her husband James often spend their time planning their future self-sustaining property, playing cooperative video games, reading, playing pen and paper RPGs, and binge watching television shows when they aren’t writing, arguing about writing, working on a film project, or doing the ever-so-boring task of making a living with a “real” job. Because of course these scribblings couldn’t possibly be a real job.

Her biggest inspirational authors include CS Lewis, Piers Anthony, Dick Francis, Glen Cook, and Jim Butcher.

She was also the founder of KoTORFanMedia.com, to which both David Gaider and other employees of Bioware contributed to, much to her sheer fangurling delight.

Politically speaking she is a meat popsicle.

Interesting facts (she was told she had to do these):

She graduated from Berlin American High School in 1990, and spent a very interesting November 1989 playing on top of a large Wall with a variety of Germans, Britons, Frenchfolk, and Hungarians. Afterwards she spent the next decade or so trying to give away the 80 lbs. of asbestos-laden concrete she’d toted away with her.

She once appeared as an extra in a movie where Lance Henriksen played as her father.

She was an official moderator for both Bioware (Knights of the Old Republic) and Obsidian Entertainment (Knights of the Old Republic II).

Founder of KoTORFanMedia.com, to which both David Gaider and other employees of Bioware contributed to, much to her sheer fangurling delight. The site was mentioned in an article of PC Gamer. 

Was a writer for Hero’s Journey, an MMORPG which was never launched, but the character creator is used in Bioware’s Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. Not that she had anything to do with that. She just made words. And a character that could have been a tall, purple reject from “The Dark Crystal”.

She had issues using the character creator from Hero’s Journey.

In 2004 she was invited to E3 by Bioware, where she got to hang with the groovy Bioware folks and also meet a small, indie developer called CD Projekt Red, who were trying to get a little game called The Witcher up and running.

Her husband was production designer and supporting actor (Gravedigger) in Gregg Bishop’s Dance of the Dead, and when she went to visit him she got to meet Blair Redford and Lucas Till.

She was the Property Manager for Gregg Bishop’s The Other Side, where she learned to make blood and how to get said blood stains out of cement. She also met actress Jamie Alexander.

She was an active participant in the Save Farscape campaign when SyFy chose to end the series between seasons 4 and 5, leaving fans with a major cliffhanger. The campaign was successful and SyFy produced a mini-series for the show, providing a conclusion. During the campaign she got to meet cast members Paul Goddard, Gigi Edgely, and Lani Tupu (who were exquisitely wonderful people.)

Her writing credits include:

Catalyst: Book One of the Ozymandias Saga

Feast or Famine – A Shortish Story

Stormtalons: Not As They Appear (with JR Jarrett)

Stormtalons: Before They Appeared (with JR Jarrett)

Article: The Races of Stormtalons – Onder Magazine

Article: The Heart So Free: A Talonurr Drinking Song – Onder Magazine

Short Film: “Reflections” directed by David R. Watkins