The Worlds

The Ozymandias Saga


Catalyst: Book One 

The modern world changed forever the day the veil between the natural and the supernatural was ripped open. Humanity learned to cope with the influx of the weird and paranormal the only way they knew how; by setting up a governmental department! Meet Sasha Worthington, an agent for BANI, the Bureau of Anormal Normalization and Integration. Sasha’s specialization is bringing young vampires into society and assisting them with living alongside humanity. The day she gets assigned an 800 year old vampire is the day everything changes. For everyone.

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Feast or Famine: A Shortish Story

As the word “catalyst” implies, things are changing. Not just for the world but for Darikosu and Sasha as well. How will Darikosu deal with his newfound sense of empathy and love, and still keep himself fed?

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Epic fantasy world designed by Forgotten Realms® creator Ed Greenwood.

Not As They Appear
Book One of the Stumbling into Peril Saga

Arum is a ne’er-do-well out for adventure, coin, and the occasional busty lass. Not necessarily in that order.

Quillian is an elf who ran away from her family in the mists to explore the world of humanity, hiding her heritage.

When these two fall together working for a Baron to find his besotted daughter who ran away with her lover, they find out that some things are not as they appear!



Before They Appeared

What makes someone who they are? Is it their past? Their people? Get a few answers as far as Arum Winter is concerned. Meet his mentor, and the sister of Vraevre who raised him.And the decisions they made that led Arum down his path.

An exciting prequel story to Not As They Appear!

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